Monday, February 25


I received my hard copies of the pictures of Caramia. Thought I would scan them into my computer to see if they would appear larger here on my blog. As you can see they are. I tried to adjust the color and/or brightness, but they still don't look very good. I guess when you buy an slr camera it takes a while to get use to it.

Here I am in Mommy's warm tummy.

OMG!!! What happened? Where am I? It's so big out here.

I know who you are. I feel safe and secure now.

Boy, that tasted good! I'm happy now.

Here's my family and the nurse that helped me get out of Mommy's tummy.
Of course there's Mommy and Daddy,
Big brother Carson, my sister Caison and brother Campbell.

This must be where Mommy said we would go.
Home, at last!


Laura said...

Awesome pictures! Baby pictures are always fun! Thanks for sharing!

Marsha said...

She's a beauty Linda!

Nonna said...

What a beautiful grandbaby! I know you are so very proud of her! Keep the pictures coming! She is a little doll!!

Lazy Daisy said...

Oh Wow, What a beautiful baby. So happy for all of you. Hugs and prayers coming your way. I know it must be hard to be away from them.

Susie said...

Thanks for your visit and kind comment. What a beautiful new granddaughter. You are very blessed.

PJ said...

such a beautiful baby!! Congrats.