Tuesday, January 1

Happy New Year

The beginning of each year I look back at the previous year to evaluate my accomplishments. Since I started blogging this has been very easy for me to do this year. I have never kept a journal because I thought it was boring, but blogging is so much fun. And, I'm able to get comments about what's going on in my life. So many times your comments have been so inspirational to me. The major highlights of this past year are:

March - I spent a week with my daughter and grandchildren in Charlotte for a week.

April - I started participating in Friday's Feast and Wordless Wednesday and that was a turning point with my blogging. That is when I met to many wonderful bloggers.

June - I wrote about finding negatives of my children's baby pictures that were lost. This was also when my doctor found blood in my urine.

July - We found out that I was going to be a Mawmaw again in February. Nicole became very ill, I had a stress test and an ultra sound.

August - I had a CAT scan, spent 2 weeks in Charlotte taking care of the grandbabies and Nicole. At the end of the month I got my new blog design.

Sept. - We found out the new baby is a girl!!! I found out the blood in my urine not a concern.

October - I had my BIG 60!! This was a hard birthday for me. I learned I had skin cancer, not the type that will kill me. My son got engaged.

Nov. - Brian got married and I was accepted into the Wellness Program on the 20th. I developed a skin rash that I'm still treating.

Dec. - WVU lost their last game to Pittsburgh losing their shot for National Champions. I had my first group meeting with the Wellness Program where I learned I gained 6 pounds and lost 3 points of body fat. Muscle weighs more than body fat.

It seems this past year dealt more with my medical problems than anything else. The skin rash I developed in November has not cleared up. I am now on my 4th type of medication. When I showed it to my doctor he told me he didn't know what it was. I know medicine is a science, but you would think he would have hit on a cure by now. I guess we are going to have to call Dr. House in for consultation. LOL This past week I've developed a problem with my left eye. I'm seeing black streaks and dots. This happened once before and went away in a couple days, but this has been bothering me since Christmas Day. I'm due for an eye exam so I'll be calling tomorrow for an appointment.

This coming year I will be looking forward to meeting my new granddaughter who will be arriving in February. I plan to purchase an SLR camera so I can capture my fast grandbabies in action. I would also like to get a lap top computer.

I've gone on long enough. Till next time.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Linda, I am betting that you have floaters in your eyes. I have had the for years now. I think that is because the blood vessels that normally are on the outside of your vision break loose with age and then "float" into your vision. if that is what they are your eye doctor will know. you have to learn not to pay attention to them. it takes awhile but you learn. Sorry that 2007 had so many health problems for you...2008 will indeed be a better year for you!! Sandy

Dont make me get out my flying Monkeys! said...

Wordless Wednesday finally!

Hope you are enjoying the new year! Come by and check out my surprise for Wordless Wednesday!


Theresa said...

I re-read my blog topics too, blogging does make it easier to reflect on the year.

I began reading your blog right before your birthday and remember you not wanting to hit 60, but I think you took it in stride, and since then wonderful things, your new dil and the new grandbaby on the way, and of course you starting to work out.

Hope you have a healthy 2008-you deserve it!

Renee's Reading Corner said...

What a great way to wrap up the year! I have been putting off my NY's resolutions but guess I'm going to have to tackle them soon.

Best wishes in 2008!!