Saturday, December 1

What's Your Blog's Reading Level

I saw this over at Hootin' Anni's yesterday and thought I would give this a try. Obviously, this little tool is broken because there ain't nuthin genius about this site!!!! I could look at this negatively. Perhaps my writing is unclear and hard to follow and they are telling me it would take a genius to understand what I'm trying to say. That must be it!!! So if you can follow my ramblings, you are the genius!

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Flip Flop Floozie said...

Linda, i just did mine and well i am ashamed to say it listed me as
ELEMENTARY SCHOOL! I think it just picks when you push the button!! (trying to make myself feel better)!! Smile...hope your weekend is going great..

Theresa said...

Fun- I was a collage grad (but they made sure to say it was undergrad)- so only expect me from now on to understand half your writings- you genuis you!