Tuesday, December 4

We got the tree up and the house decorated over the weekend. It seems each year I pull out less and less decorations. When the kids were home I would always go all out. Now, the extent of outdoor decorations are my indoor lights in the windows, which by the way, are there all year long.

I found out Nicole will not be coming home for Christmas. She has not felt well through her entire pregnancy and she said she just couldn't make the trip. What a bummer!! I'm through shopping for the grand babies, but am waiting for a few gifts to arrive that were ordered. As soon as they all come in I'll have to pack up all the gifts for shipping and hope they make it to North Carolina in time for Christmas. Had I known earlier she was coming home, I would have done the bill to ship to, and gift wrap option with all the gifts I ordered. To make the shipping a little lighter I'll be sending money for Nicole and Bret, with the exception of the one special gift I got Nicole back in the summer.

Between shopping, working out at the gym and visiting with friends I've had little blogging time. I'll be starting the baking soon which will leave even less time. But I know you are in the same boat. The last time I talked with Nicole she told me Bret said all he wanted for Christmas from me was my pepperoni rolls. I have to admit I make awesome pepperoni rolls, but I won't be making them for Christmas. I guess I better plan on taking the local ingredients I'll need to make them when I go to North Carolina in February when the baby is born.

It's my turn to host our family Christmas gathering. Every year I get together with my brother and sisters' family at Christmas. With the exception of my BIL, who is now remarried, I'm the oldest. My nieces and nephew's children are grown and one has a baby. Do you know what that makes me?? A great, great aunt!!! I cherish the time when we all get together. This will be the first year we get together after Christmas. I wanted to do it after Christmas so Nicole and my nephew, who also lives in NC, could be here. This will give us all something to look forward to after Christmas Day.


Flip Flop Floozie said...

Sounds like a plan..an after Christmas get together!! I would just like it anytime. With our family living so far away it just does not happen anymore. i miss that. You know I am like you. i don't get out much in the way of decorations anymore. it was more fun when the kids were at home. But I am getting less and less interested in it every year now. I remember when my dad and mother said that and I thought they were nuts!! NOPE they weren't!! Glad you got your decorating all done. Sandy

Talk..to..Grams said...

Hi, I can't get the lamp on my sidebar either! It is as big as Montana on there! I am going to have to have help with this from Karen or Kelly!
If I didn't have Nancy or Kelly at home I would be like what Sandy said! I thought my Mom was nuts too when she got older and put a pretty center piece on her coffee table and called it done!! I just could not understand back then! Now I do.... I would put out a more then my Mother did but not a huge tree! Hugs Carolyn

Theresa said...

Yes I always new you were fabulous, so why not a double great in front of Aunt.

Love the picture, so cozy and makes you think of fun Christmas memories.

Renee's Ramblings said...

Glad to hear your decorating is done. I bet it's gorgeous! Will continue to keep your dtr in my thoughts and prayers. Have a wonderful Christmas season!