Saturday, November 17

The Colors of Friendship

I was recently awarded "The Colors of Friendship" by Theresa at Theresa’s Life .
Here is what she said about me:

As you might of guessed I like to share the awards just with one person, and I thought if I got to meet just one of my blogger friends who would that be-I thought this questions would be easy -but that didn't help me narrow it down so I went a different route.

So I decided to give it to "Vanetta Not Black" of {this & that}, we share the love of John Denver music, geometry pictures, and yes she too has a good sense of humor!

If you are wondering what "Vanetta Not Black" refers to, you can read this post.

Theresa, thank you so much for this award. Theresa is one of the nicest friends I have met and she is absolutely amazing. Within the past couple weeks she has been quite the traveler, traveling to Las Vegas and New York. She also has a great love for sailing. I think that would be awesome.

This coming week is going to be very busy for most of us; therefore, I'm not going to pass this award along to anyone in particular. I consider everyone in my blogroll very colorful individuals and worthy of this award. I am presenting it to all of you if you wish to accept. I consider you all friends that I truly cherish.


Nonna said...

Linda, Theresa is right, you are most deserving of this award! Congrats!! I hope you and your loved ones have a very Happy Thanksgiving! Have a blessed week!!

Theresa said...

Once again, I think you are very deserving of this award and that is why I picked you :)