Tuesday, November 20

Am I totally nuts to begin an exercise and wellness program at this time of the year? I think so, but I was not give a choice!! The YMCA called yesterday and asked if I could come in for an orientation today. I thought I could handle that. Today I filled out lots of paperwork and was introduced to the machines I will be using and given a tour of the new facility. I was told the dietitian would be calling to set up another appointment to develop my eating plan.

Then I was asked when would be a good time for me to come in tomorrow to meet with my personal trainer and begin the exercise program. Hey, wait a minute, I didn't want to actually start until January 2nd. They told me I would have to start tomorrow and that this is a good time to start so I won't gain weight over the holidays. What a bummer!! Half the fun of the holidays is packing on a couple extra pounds. Anyway, I'll be meeting with my personal trainer tomorrow and begin the exercise program. In order to stay in the program I have to agree to go in and exercise a minimum of three days a week, keep a journal which the dietitian will give me, and stay on the eating program. This may be difficult since I haven't finished my Christmas shopping. But, you know, seems like the more I have to do the more I get done. And, just think of all the energy I will have.

Do I have you convinced yet??? What matters is, do I have myself convinced!!!

Wish me luck.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Way to go linda!! This is not a good time of course!! BUT when is a good time anyway? I am so upset because I have hurt my right knee someway and I cannot exercise. I have a doctors appt tomorrow. The pain is bad when I bend it!! I have NO REAL IDEA of what I did..You know one of those things when you just get up and Pow you are in pain!! Old age. Like my mother says it is not for sissies..she is right...Sandy
Ps..you will do just fine!!

Theresa said...

Yeah! I know it is a tough time to start, but after you start I am sure you will be glad you did- I definitely feel like I have more energy now, an actually want to walk each night.

Good luck with your program!

Nonna said...

You will be the trimmest of us all after the holidays! Good luck. I know you will do great!

Gill said...

You go girl! I feel sluggish, fat and lazy in comparison :-)