Thursday, October 25

The Two Year Dilemma

Every couple of years I'm faced with the same dilemma. Should I take advantage of a free cell phone being offered by my cellular company and sign another 2 year agreement, or should I be happy with my current phone, which they tell me is now so outdated, and not be under any contract?

This year the decision was very easy. My current cellular provider, which I have been with since the beginning of time, does not offer service at my son's house. There is a 3 mile stretch of road where there's no single. My contract ends today, so yesterday I was on a mission to find new phones with a competitor who has service in that area. I began by researching the web site to learn about the different phones, plans, and which phones were offered free to new customers. These phones are too darn expensive, so if I can get a free one, count me in.

After checking my options on-line, I went down to their store to see if they had any better offers in the store. I quickly leaned I would get a much better deal on-line. Last night I was selecting my phone and plan and still had a couple questions, so I called the company. They told me of an unadvertised deal for the phone in the picture. I was able to get this phone for free. This is the next generation RAZR with more bells and whistles than I would ever use, but hey, it was free!

Since my husband only uses 5 - 10 minutes a month, I decided to get him a Go-Phone. They only pick up in areas where the provider has towers, but that's all he needs. If I wasn't traveling to Charlotte all the time, I may have gotten a Go-Phone as well. Going this route I'll be saving enough for a half tank of gas a month. Now a days, that's a lot.

The new phones will be here next week, so we will both have new toys to play with for a while.


Kat said...

Someone asked me the other what kind of phone I had because it's outdated so I too have been looking at new phones. I like the new Hue phone at Alltel but am still looking. Hope y'all enjoy your new phones!! Thanks for stopping by.

killlashandra said...

I hadn't heard that a new RAZR is out already. I just passed my pink one down to my step daughter, and have to admit, I liked it. I traded it for a Blackberry Pearl, which I like, it has all the PDA features and more.

I hope the new provider and phone work out for you. It does seem like you have to do so much homework in order to make sure you really getting what you want out of your cell phone service.

Nonna said...

I know what you mean about having to decide whether to get a new plan and phone or stick with what you have with no contract. My phone plan goes out next June. Of course my kids tell me that the phone I have had for less than 2 years now is so outdated! I cant keepup with all this new technology. It changes every day! Have fun with your new toy!!

Mary said...


I updated my phone last year. I don't know much about cell phones and your post was very informational to me. Thanks for posting.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

I just got a new cell phone this week also. Mine was having problems with the battery so i upgraded and got a new RED one!! I love RED!! it is a Samsung..not as many whistles and bells as yours will have but it is fun anyway. i LOVE it!! Sandy

Theresa said...

Yes I just went through that dilemma- not being a big cell phone person, I did not care that my phone was outdated- so my husband took my new phone and I upgraded myself to his phone.

I probably should of did what your hubby does and get a pay as you go phone.

Glad to hear you got a good deal!