Monday, October 15

Fall Cleaning

I received an invitation to a Girl's Night Out Jewelry Party for this coming Thursday. What really caught my attention was a graphic that said, "Only 68 days until Christmas"! That temporarily put me into a state of panic. I began thinking of all I need to get done before Christmas.

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As I've said before, Fall is my favorite time of year, but it also comes with all the stuff that I don't like doing before the holidays. Fall cleaning is one of those. I put forth an honest effort every Spring and Fall to do the heavy cleaning: windows, baseboards, cleaning underneath furniture, and cleaning out drawers and cabinets. I tell myself if I would do one room a day, I would have the entire house clean in two weeks. I'm counting the bathrooms, utility room and garage. I have tried taking on one task such as the all the windows, then the baseboards, etc. and it seems I never get everything done. I do best by concentrating on one room at a time. At least if I don't get every room done by the holidays, at least a few rooms are completely clean. How do you tackle this big job?
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On top of the cleaning I have the Christmas shopping. I'm hoping I'll be able to pick up a couple gifts at the jewelry party this week. Once the house is clean, shopping is done, packages are wrapped the baking will be begin, unless I'll be able to multi task. No wonder by the end of the holiday season all I want to do is crawl up with a good book and cup of cocoa.


Anonymous said...

You just made me realize a good thing of living in the desert and not having fall per say. NO FALL CLEANING!! But on the other side, you passed that panic on to me; there is no way Christmas is only 68 days way!!

Have a Blessed Day! said...

whew!! I am tired just reading all that you are going to do!!

I am not able to do like I use to!! Kelly does the deep cleaning nowadays!

I can do all the Christmas cards for Nancy and me that is no small task!!

She tells every one we see she will send them a card and has them write down their address for us... She isn't able to to these herself so I have to get all hers done and mine too! BUT she enjoyed this SO much I don't have the heart to say No!

She has 20 Halloween card to send out also.. Love you, Carolyn

Suzy said...

I'm right there with ya on that!!

Theresa said...

So is that a little cleaning jeanie-If so I want one too.

Wow your impressive, I usually only do one big cleaning a year- in the summer time so then we can have a garage sale.

I agree with cynthia - putting it in days (68) can cause a christmas panic.

Have a good week

SnoopMurph said...

Hi Linda,

My name is Linda too, and I am Theresa's sister-in-law, just visiting some of her favorite bloggers.

I chuckled when I read your jewelry party, because I just went to one last Friday too! I ended up getting a small pair of earrings-for myself! I really do need to work on the house, the holiday shopping....only 68 days for all of this?!?! Yikes!

I really enjoy your blog and I'll stop back. Come visit me

Renee's Ramblings said...

When we lived in CA no one had really heard of fall/spring cleaning; at least not like it's done on the east coast. Now that we have moved to the south and there are season changes, I have no excuse for not doing the "fall" cleaning! I like a clean house but I hate to clean. I can't believe Christmas is that close!!!

baby~amore' said...

I am in a state of panic too - over spring cleaning ...still haven't caught up since last year. Yes my twin sons keep me on my toes but delightfully so. I have a very god excuse heehee why nothing gets done and what does done is undone quickly now they are 1.