Sunday, September 2

The Name Plate Meme

I was tagged by Daisy who made me this fun name plate.
And Sandy was so sweet by sending me this name plate via email. Thank you so much.

I'm supposed to display the names of eight of my choices in a creative way and explain why I chose each. One is for the person who tags you plus seven others. Well, it has taken me an entire week due to my limited creativity and graphic skills, but with a little advise, I've created the following.
My first one goes to Daisy . I met Daisy through Sandy and immediately felt a bond with her. She's actually a neighbor, by state that is, with grown children, grandchildren and a wonderful hubby.

My next choice is Sandy. I met Sandy shortly after joining the Over 50 roll. I consider her a dear friend and think we could definitely be friends outside of the blogosphere.

Another dear blogging friend is Carolyn over at Talk With Grams. She has already received a name plate for this blog, however, her daughter recently sat up another blog for her called Traveling Grams. Currently Carolyn and her daughters are vacationing and recording their adventures on this blog. I hope this name plate will be a pleasant surprise when she returns.

Another dear friend is Renee . Speaking of traveling she and hubby just returned from their vacation and are now trying to get settled into the school routine. Renee has two children whom she home schools. I have a special bond with Renee and consider her a dear friend. I couldn't decide which name plate I liked the best, so I am giving two to Renee. So take one or take them both.

My next choice is Gracie who recently celebrated her big 60 and has sent many encouraging words my way regarding my up and coming milestone. Gracie is a very positive person with a quick wit whom I enjoy visiting.
Susie is a new friend I recently met and is currently on an Alaskan cruise. How great is that? Susie's writings are always so uplifting with her stories of family.

And, last but not least is Marsha I dropped by Just Some Thoughts last week and was blown away by her creativity with Paint Shop Pro and digital scrapbooking. I asked her about tutorials and she was so kind to give me a lot of information to get me started in the right direction. Thank you so much.

Well, there you go! Hope all of you enjoy for gifts. {{{HUGS}}}


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

wow!! did you ever do a great job!! Wonderful!! Thanks so much for the great nameplate!! You outdid yourself Lady!! YES I think we could be great friends. I hate it that we live so far away!! Hope your weekend went well and this day is also going great...Sandy

Lazy Daisy said...

Wow, look at you Miss Thing! Hey you never know who might show up in your neighborhood some day and kidnap you to down to Savannah! Love my nameplate babe.

Marsha said...

WOW! Linda, your work is great and I feel honored that you did this for me. I don't think you needed any help from me at all!

Thank you for the terrific nameplate!


Sanni said...

Such a nice tribute to wonderful blogging pals, Linda! You did a great job with these cute plates!

Amazing Gracie said...

Gee whiz! How delightful is this!I think you did a wonderful job and this is such a cute nameplate!!! Thank you so much!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Wow! Thank you so much Linda! They are so beautiful and you did a great job on them! Forgive me for getting to your blog so late..things have been crazy around here.

You are a dear and special friend! I love them both, thank you so much! said...

My Goodness!! This is adorable!! I just love this nameplate!! Thank you so much!!! You did a very good job on all of these!! Love you!!

Susie said...

Hi Linda,
You did a marvelous job on these! Thanks for the tag and the kind words. I'll get to this when I get caught up a bit...

Abarna Baskar said...

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