Monday, August 20

Brian's Vacation

Last week my son Brian, his girlfriend Amber and her daughter Katie spent the week vacationing at the Outter Banks in North Carolina. This was Brian's first time to the Outter Banks and he said it was beautiful, not crowded like Myrtle Beach, and looks forward to going again. Brian is 37 and has never been married. I for one am hoping Amber will be the one!! They have been together for a little more than a year. He met her shortly after moving back to West Virgina.

Brian has a cat named Dot. He asked if I would go over to his house and "hang out" with her while he was gone. I went over and spent time with Dot every other day. We would sit in the great room and play for an hour or so until she got bored with me.

Brian found Dot abandoned by her mother in a shed at his house in Alabama. He took her in, cleaned her up and began feeding her every couple hours with a bottle for a few weeks. He had to take her to work in order to feed her during the day. Dot was so small when he found her that she didn't have her eyes open yet. He would also have to push on her tummy to make her poop. I didn't realize that was what the Mommy cat does for her babies.

After all this attention you would think this cat would be affectionate. She is one of the most temperamental cats I have ever seen. When Brian gets home from work he is allowed to pick her up for a couple minutes, then she hisses and wants down. She will come up to you and rub up against your legs, but forget about petting her. On my visits we would just play and before I left I would ask her if she wanted a treat and she would run and jump up on the kitchen counter meowing, yes yes!! She takes the treat very gently out of your hand, but don't try to pet her.

Dot was entertained while I wasn't there by the birds at the bird feeder and the chipmunks that run around on the back patio.

Brian doesn't have any children, but I guess I'm a Maw maw to Dot.

I haven't heard from my doctor regarding my test. I'll post as soon as I hear.


It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Linda, this is so weird!! Our son is 43 and was married once but the only thing that he got from that marriage was Boots. She looks almost exactly like your son's cat. our son has never married again and i so want him to. I just saw DOT and thought wow that cat looks just like Boots.We both have sons (single) They both have cats that looks so much alike and we both want them married!! just seemed so funny to me!! I hope that this is the special lady for your son. Funny how cats are too!! I have one like this..Simon...He is so different...about those results!!!
Blessings, Sandy said...

I loved reading this!! I love Kitty Cats!! My son is married to Becky for 29 years!! He likes dogs best!!
But that is something else about you and Sandy !!
It sounds like you did a good job taking care of the Cat!!