Friday, July 13

Friday's Feast

What is your favorite fruit? Banana

Who is someone you consider as a great role model? I don't have one. I've just been winging it through life.

If you were to spend one night anywhere within an hour of your home, where would you choose? At one of my girlfriend's house where we would sit up all night talking and laughing about our past adventures and plotting our next.

Main Course
Name something you do too often. Oh boy, there are so an unhealthy snack before bedtime.

Fill in the blank: I really like blogging because it has given me the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people all over the world.


Juzahlyn said...

great feast..I love your salad

tegdirb92 said...

I've been winging it through life too :) Great Feast!

jennyR said...

me too! i love munching b4 bedtime w/c is really bad. i saw it on Oprah, 2hrs before bedtime, u shouldn't eat anything at all.hehehe! great feast, mine's served!

jenny said...

I must have a banana without spots! So I din't pick that fruit, since I am so picky about it! Your salad is wonderful! good dessert, too.

Lazy Daisy said...

I'm bananas over bananas too!But I don't like overly ripe bananas except for banana pudding.

Sorry you had no role turned out well despite it.

Titania Starlight said...

I enjoyed your feast. That bedtime munching is something I fight hard against. But then my husband doesn't help by bringing out the ice cream!

Renee's Ramblings said...

Linda, wonderful feast! Have a great weekend! Feel free to email me sometime, if you'd like. Use the email option on my blog profile. I'd like to chat with you about the call you received the other day from the doc. Take care!

the night owl said...

Hi Linda, I have to have a snack at night time too......I enjoy ice cream Thanks for stopping by my place today. Baba said...

I think I have way too many snacks at night!! or anytime for that matter!!