Friday, June 1

What's Old is New Again

When CC was a pup we got her this dogie bed and she wouldn't have anything to do with it. After a few months of tripping over the bed, I put it in storage. A few weeks ago when I was pulling stuff out for our garage sale I came across the bed. I sat it in the great room until it was time to put it out for the sale. CC began looking and smelling the bed. Before we knew it she was taking a lot of naps in the bed. I just couldn't part with it since CC was getting so much pleasure out of her new old bed. This was taken this morning.


howdy said...

I use to put toys away when the kids got bored with them and drag them out a few weeks later and they were again thrilled with their new old toys.

A very cute dog.

Amazing Gracie said...

This is adorable! Our dogs sleep with their heads like that, too. Would give me a horrific headache!

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Linda,

Thank you so much for commenting and leaving a message on the loss of my loved cat, Oscar.

I really appreciate it. Come back and visit again, soon. Hopefully, it won't be so sad.