Friday, June 22

Old Pictures

It was 1981 when my husband moved out at my request. I had filed for divorce and to make a long story long, we had to live separate and apart for one year before further legal proceeding could occur. One thing he took with him was all, let me repeat, all the pictures we had taken over our 18 years together. This included pictures of my family, my life experiences as well as all the kids baby pictures. The only pictures I had were ones in my wallet. I asked if I could have my family pictures and at least some of the kids pictures. I never got one. I have felt like that part of my life was robbed.

Recently I ran across of box I had not seen in over 30 years. It contained negatives of the first 6 or 7 years of our marriage which included my sons first 3 years and one year of my daughter. I was thrilled beyond measures. I spent a few days going through hundreds of negatives. I called Wal-Mart and asked if they could develop from negatives. They said they could but they would have to send them off to be printed. I took over a hundred negatives in for development last week. Earlier this week I picked up the first set. Since the negatives were different sizes and some were even black and white, they would have to be developed in four batches. When I got to the car I sat the looked through the 15 or 20 pictures and big tears ran down my face. Happy tears are the BEST!

This is a pictures of my daughter Nicole when she was a newborn. She has never seen her baby pictures. You may be wondering why she did not see them at her dad's. He threw them away. Right now she is at the beach with her family and her dad. I talked with her yesterday and told her I emailed her this picture and it will be waiting for her when she gets home. She will be so thrilled.

Is this not the most beautiful baby girl you have ever seen? Look at all that hair. I was told if you eat onions when you are pregnant your baby will have a lot of hair. I don't know if this is true, but I ate a lot of onions and both my children were born with a head full of hair. Do you remember those nightgowns we wore? Now I sleep in an over sized t-shirt and whatever.

The best thing about having old pictures remade from negatives, is they look like they were taken yesterday. I can't tell you how happy I am and I'm so looking forward to getting the rest of the pictures. Sorry folks, I will be boring you with old pictures as they come in.


Sheryl said...

What a precious, priceless discovery that box was!! I'm so happy for you!
And the picture you shared is so sweet!

Amazing Gracie said...

Oh Linda! What a horrible thing for him to have done!!! If he was trying to hurt you, he certainly succeeded, but to throw away his children's heritage like that...what a cold person he must be!
I am very happy that this "gift" has turned up for you. You were both beautiful!!!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Linda, this made me really upset...I treasure my pictures!! Like amazing gracie said if he was trying to hurt you well he certainly succeeded!! That is just horrible!!! I am so happy that you are getting some of those wonderful memories back. ALSO remember that you will not be boring us. I think that I can speak for a lot of us!! I KNOW for sure that you will not be boring ME!! I am looking forward to seeing them. I would think your daughter will cherish these pictures. My children would be lost without pictures of themselves as babies and growing up. That is not fair to children nor is it fair to you. It is like losing part of you...your history!! Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such kind words. This has been a bad week. Sandy

Amazing Gracie said...

In honor of finding some of your missing photos, you've been given an award at my blog! Please come see...guaranteed to pickup your spirits!

Akelamalu said...

I just popped over from Are
We There Yet and this post caught my eye because I posted a similar one a while back.

I felt sad to read your ex had taken all your photographs then elated to read you had found the old negatives! What wonderful memories they must have brought back and the photograph of you and your baby daughter is beautiful!