Tuesday, May 29

This and That

While eating lunch I was watching the Insider. One of the hosts was interviewing Merv Griffin aboard his yacht. One tidbit of information I learned about Merv was he wrote the theme song for Jeopardy. What is more astonishing, he has made 70-80 million dollars for that little tune. I think I'll spend this afternoon pecking the ivories for the next multi-million dollar tune. LOL

Yesterday, like every other Memorial Day, I made my yearly visit to the cemetery to place flowers on Mom and Daddy's grave. As we entered the cemetery we were greeted by a couple girls asking us to complete a survey and return it to them as we leave. Every year I get this survey and never fill it out. This year, as my end seems to be getting closer, I completed the form. On the survey was the question, who was I there to visit. Only one small line to fill in a name. I began, writing very small, Mabel, Elmer, Lloyd, Katherine, Anna Faye (last names omitted here). That is Mom, Daddy, brother, his wife, my sister. That's my family. I even checked the box for more information. As we left, the girls must have been on break, so my little survey is in the side pocket of my car. Maybe this was a good omen.......

This afternoon I'll be cleaning the patio furniture. Don't I live an exciting life? Well, it's mine.

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martie said...

I too, visited the cemetary for my late first husband, mom, dad, grandparents and great-aunt and great uncles. No survey though ~ I don't think I'ld like that much!

First visit here, I believe....I'll be back.