Thursday, May 24

Lost, Season Finale

Last night’s season finale left us wondering whether the future shots were real or in Jack's dream. Actually the finale was 3 hours long. The first hour was a repeat of the Directors providing an overview of the first three seasons, giving those who had never seen Lost and opportunity to be up to speed for the finale.

Last week we were left wondering if Charlie would drown, as Desmond predicts, or if he would be spared. Last night we saw Charlie die, or can he still be rescued? We saw Mikhail being shot with a spear gun, and then he shows up outside the Looking Glass with a grenade. That is how the hatch is broken and Charlie drowns. Why couldn't Desmond open the door?

Last week we were left with Locke being shot and passed out in the open grave of the Others who Ben killed years back. Locke awakes and sees a gun close by. He is unable to move his legs. Walt appears, whom we have not seen since last season, and tells Locke to get up; he has a lot to do.

An ambush is planned on the beach where Bernard, Sayid and Jin are to shoot at dynamite that is placed inside certain tents when the Others come to take the women. Bernard and Sayid are able to hit their target, but Jin misses. There is gun fire then the 3 are captured. The Others radios Ben and tells him about the capture. Ben orders the three to be killed. Instead of shooting the 3, the Others shoot three shots into the sand. Sawyer and Juliet slip back to the beach and see their friends being held by the Others. Suddenly Hurley comes charging from the jungle in the VB Bus and runs over the Others. (It was hard to decide what character to highlight for this article, so I chose Hurley for his heroic rescue.)

Meanwhile Jack and his party arrive at the radio tower where they are confronted by Ben. Ben pleads with Jack not to make the call saying Naomi isn’t who she says she is and she will bring people to the island that will kill everyone. Then Lock appears and threatens to shoot Jack if he makes the call. Jack calls his bluff and makes the call reaching someone. Supposedly, help is on the way.

The flash forwards are a real mystery. Will next season show the rescue and have flashbacks of the island? There are so many directions this show can take. As many answers are being provided, still other questions are popping up and keeping us in suspense.

Who was in the coffin?
Why was no one at the funeral home?
Why did Kate look so flawlessly perfect?
What has happened to Jack to make him want to return to the island?
Who is in Kate's life? Husband, child???
I could write volumes and volumes about Lost, but I won't. I will most likely watch the show again on

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