Thursday, April 26

More About the New River Gorge Bridge

I had a few inquiries about picture of the New River Gorge Bridge I posted yesterday for Wordless Wednesday so I thought I would provide a little information here.

The New River Gorge Bridge which is the second longest single arch bridge in the world, (I didn't know another bridge had been built) is located in Fayetteville, West Virginia. Each fall when the leaves are turning into their vibrant colors, people come from all over the world to have the opportunity to watch people jump from this bridge or to jump themselves. This is the only day pedestrians are allowed to walk on this 876 foot tall bridge. Bridge Day has been called the extreme sports event in the world.

This year Bridge Day will be held October 20, 2007. You can go to Wikipedia to read more about the bridge and be sure to go to the bottom and click on the links for more fabulous pictures.

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Amazing Gracie said...

I didn't even know we had "Bridge Day!" You learn a lot by blogging!