Tuesday, February 6

27th Anniversary

Yesterday was the 27th anniversary of my Mom’s death. She was 68 when she died. Oh, how I still miss her. This picture was taken in our kitchen. Even though I grew up in a small modest house it was filled with love. Seems as if Mom always had a dish cloth in her hands and she wore a sweater winter and summer.
Every Sunday my brother, his wife and two children, my sister, her husband and their two children would come for Sunday dinner. While we were all at church Mom would be home preparing dinner and watching the small children. After dinner we would sit in the yard and visit with neighbors that may walk by. Sometimes I was able to convince Daddy to take me to the Dairy Queen for a frozen custard. That was such a big treat in the 1950’s.

The picture of Mom was my first attempt to colorize a black and white photo. I haven’t improved a lot, but I’ve enjoyed playing around with the program.

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Hootin' Anni said...

Hi Linda.
It's nice to meet you.

I just added you to the Blogger Over 50 blogroll.

I know just how you're feeling with all the remembering. I just blogged a couple of days ago about my big brother...remembering his birthday. He would have been 70, and yet after his death, it still hits me hard on his birthday.

The photograph you colorized is a wonderful job.

Again, nice to meet you.
Hope to see you around my blog sometime soon.