Thursday, January 18

Update March 2008
{I've been monitoring the number of hits I am getting to this particular post; La Z Boy Sucks. According to my feed reader I'm getting 4 - 5 hits a month. That's a lot, considering this is one out of 300+ posts I've made in a little more than a year. If one person reading this information decides to take their business somewhere besides La Z Boy, my work is done.}

I know anyone reading my blog is sitting on the edge of their chair wondering about the next chapter of La Z Boy Sucks. :)

Since I have not been able to get any satisfaction from La Z Boy, I have filed online complaints with the following sites.

Ripoff Report


Better Business Bureau

I would suggest everyone check these sites prior to making any major purchase. I was surprised at the comments I found on these sites.

Now for the rest of my story. I bought new furniture this week. It's a Broyhill. I bought it from Big Sandy Super Store. I also bought the three year warranty that states the furniture will be replaced if anything happens to it within three years. If I don't have to use the warranty, I will get the money back in the form of a store credit. Where else can you find that type of warranty?The sofa and love seat will be delivered tomorrow.

In good faith I could not bring myself to sell the La Z Boy Sucks furniture. Instead I donated it to the Salvation Army. I told the delivery men what was wrong with the sofas and hoped they would temporarily help someone in dire need. I feel so good to have those @*#*& sofas out of my house. My final words on the subject.

La Z Boy Furniture Sucks
La Z Boy Furniture Sucks
La Z Boy Furniture Sucks
Just Wanted To Make Sure You Heard Me!!!

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