Saturday, November 25

A Little About Me

This is the beginning of a new chapter in my life. My first blog! Because blogging is new to me, I will be documenting what I’m learning as I go along. Any constructive comments are welcome concerning the techniques of this blog. Please remember the content is my own.

My previous chapter in life was the business world. I am very lucky I was in a position to take early retirement. I loved my job, but hated the bureaucracy that went along with my position.

Just because I said I’m retired doesn’t mean I’m ready for Medicare. I grew up with black and white TV with only 3 channels. Who needed a remote? I remember wanting to stay home from school so I could watch Captain Kangaroo. In high school prepared my essays on a portable typewriter, and “The Twist” was at the top of the music charts. My college years were during the time of the Vietnam War and Woodstock. I guess you could say I’m the first of the baby boomers.

I’m married, have two children (a girl and boy), and three beautiful grandchildren (2 boys, and 1 girl). My family is the top priority in my life. I’ll probably be posting pictures of my family,

I’ll save more about me for later. I hope to hear from you.

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